About Our Family

Baby Bedtime Box is a monthly package delivered to your kids to help keep them excited about bedtime filled with products that have been hand picked by us, parents of two young children who LOVE bedtime!  With two small children under 4 years old, bedtime was trying. We tried so many ways to get out kids to sleep, and found that the best solution was to keep our kids excited about getting ready for bed! We believe regularly giving them new toys for the bath, new soaps to smell, new books to read or plushes to cuddle has helped us put these kids to bed and keep them excited about engaging in their nightly routine! 

That's where we come in to help you! We are going to send you new bedtime and bath items each month to keep your kids excited about bed time. These items will encourage you to develop a routine with your kids that will keep them happy at bedtime and ready to fall asleep. Imagine the excitement on their face when a big box of goodies is delivered especially for them, we bet they'll be asking when they can go get ready for bed as soon as their box is delivered each month! We want you to know that we aren't sleep experts, we are a normal family that wants to help YOU get your kiddos to bed so you can get a few moments to spend relaxing after a baby or toddler fun filled day!