Bedtime Routines

Let's be honest, bedtime can be tough. But it doesn't have to be!   

As parents, we know that bedtime can be a struggle. We tried it all, fancy noise machines, special sleep outfits, certain foods, plus so much more... and guess what, these things didn't work and our daughter would not go to sleep! We finally decided develop a bedtime routine, I'm not talking about anything crazy... just the same steps each night so that our kids know what to expect. Kids strive on routine, my kids are HAPPIER when they know what's next!  

The Bedtime Routine Checklist can help you and your child engage in a nightly routine that works for you too! Each night have your child check off when they complete the action in the pictures listed (wash, brush teeth, potty, read, and lights out) NOTHING CRAZY involved in this routine! And the best part is that you can print the checklist for FREE!    

Our Baby Bedtime Box follows these steps each month with the high-quality products we include, and will help keep bedtime fun for your child! We know that keeping kids excited about heading to bed, while making sure they stick to the routine works and want to share our sleep success with you!